Friday, November 24, 2006

Archived Issues of eMetaphor Magazine

All issues of eMetaphor magazine are now archived at the link below. New issues are not being printed at this time, but instead I will continue to post new material on the blog site.

Archived Issues:

2004-2006, eMetaphor

The archived website with PDF magazine issues are available at this link. Simply click on a date to view a particular time.

About Us

Diane Ackerman, in her book An Alchemy of Mind, said that "We all use countless metaphors every day, unconsciously, to provide an important hinge between feelings and ideas."

At eMetaphor, we believe that writing is a multidimensional spectrum of the whole self. We offer a free magazine and other resources that help writers reach their writing goals, using a holistic approach and self-mastery skills.

Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills, or to pursue writing as a career, but need the guidance and self-discipline that fills your whole self, eMetaphor can help.

Our featured content includes:

-tips on how to build and improve your writing skills
-insight on writing motivation and creativity
-advice and inspiration on self-discipline for writing
-inspirational quotes that keep you motivated
-enhancing and maintaining physical and mental health
-resources to help get the most out of your writing
-writing meditations that help condition the mind

About the Editor:
Deep down we all want to realize our dreams and do what we love every day. Health, happiness, and success are major components in life we aim to achieve and maintain. The purpose of my teachings is to guide others in achieving these goals, with a major component focusing on self-realization. I have spent over ten years studying and applying concepts of alternative medicine, and have over five years experience in the field of education, in a passionate effort to find ways to take better care of the body and mind. In addition, I have written professionally in diverse genres for over 14 years.

Carrie Soneji, editor-in-chief of eMetaphor magazine, is a professional writer, editor, and licensed teacher. She also enjoys reading, outdoor activities, culture education, music, ayurvedic medicine, and hatha yoga.